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Angels Among Us    

Article by Angela M. Jacobs January 2014 Issue of Hometown Journey Magazine Stepping out of a warm and cozy car, the blistering wind snuck between my scarf and my skin. Winter had not officially arrived, but I would have argued a different story. Every time I exhaled I looked like a bull with steam coming from…

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Accumulating Stuff

Article by Liz Gill March 2014 Issue of Hometown Journey Magazine It is laughable that an ironing board was the first home furnishing we owned. When J.B. and I were first married, we rented a musty, roach and rat infested furnished apartment in Marshall for forty dollars a month. We lived there for three months.…

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From a Cocoon…To a Butterfly

by Angela K. Motz On September 21, 1968, a little blonde-haired, hazel-eyed girl was born. Her mother did not love her, nor did she accept her, and by no means did she ever want her. At age 5 her birth mother told caseworkers that she did not or could not love her children. She told…

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