Hometown Journey Magazine

Where every path brings us together.

The Journey

Hometown Journey Magazine began its step of faith in March of 2006. Since our journey first began, we are pleased to say that we have the potential of reaching out to over 100,000 people.

We operate with high standards and moral values. “Family Friendliness” has become our middle name, and it is a name that we are proud of. We hand select each advertiser because of this reason. We do now and always will, assure that this publication can be thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages, socio/economic backgrounds and ethnicity.

We have made an impact in every life that we touch. With positive stories, event coverage, great reader participation, high quality journalism, photography and so much more, we have truly become the areas most sought after and popular publication.

We are a multi-award winning publication. In 2009 we were named Small Business of the year, on November 13, 2012, we were endorsed as “The Official Magazine of Chambers County” by the Commissioner’s Court and most recently the Grand Masons of Texas & the Old River Masonic Lodge selected us as the recipients of their 2013 Community Builder Award!

Hometown Journey Magazine offers readers and advertisers a professional and inspiring publication with a personalized down-home feel.

We are continually striving to find new ways to promote the businesses that generously spend their hard earned money to support the publication. There are no hidden fees.

If your goal is to promote your business, bond with your potential customers, earn their trust and respect, impact the lives of others and make a true difference, then advertising in Hometown Journey Magazine is definitely for you!

We also proudly offer printing services through our business Hometown Journey Print Stop, and our new (DTG) apparel printing services through our newest business On The Mark T-Shirts & Graphics!

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