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From a Cocoon…To a Butterfly

by Angela K. Motz

On September 21, 1968, a little blonde-haired, hazel-eyed girl was born. Her mother did not love her, nor did she accept her, and by no means did she ever want her. At age 5 her birth mother told caseworkers that she did not or could not love her children. She told them that if they did not take the girls she would kill them. From there on life was spent in foster & group homes.

At age 7, the little girl was adopted by a family in Houston. For seven years these people would mentally, physically, and sexually abuse the innocent girl until child welfare removed her from that home. She spent many years with no place to call home until she met and married her husband in 1986. They raised two daughters together.

In 2004, she began taking Real Estate classes. This was a major achievement for someone who had never finished high school. Then, in 2005, with a lot of prayers, she passed her exam and became a Real Estate Agent.

Although she had listed and sold many houses, she still longed to do more. She wanted to reach out to others, to offer them love, hope, and encouragement.

You’re probably wondering how I know so much about this woman in my story. The truth is I know her better than anyone. You see, I have been there with her when she cried and yes, I have even wiped away her many tears. I have been there when she felt rejected, lost and hopeless. I am with her now as a whole person, a beautiful breathtaking restoration project, and a woman after God’s very own heart – a person who longs to love and embrace others in a way that she was never loved or embraced, and a person who broke out of a tightly woven cocoon that suffocated and stole everything inside of her. Yet…today she spreads her wings. I watch her now as she takes flight; she’s finally free and ready to be… a beautiful butterfly.

Yes, my dear friends that woman is me, Angela K. Motz.

On March 24, 2006, at 12:00 am, my God-given purpose was finally revealed. Yes, this was the very day that Hometown Journey Magazine was born and God himself named it! In November of 2012 we were endorsed by Chambers County, Texas as the “Official Magazine of Chambers County”.

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