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T-Shirt Printing

Did you know that we have a highly trained professional in DTG (Direct to Garment) printing? They are continually furthering their knowledge of the techniques required to do it successfully.

Unlike decals and screen printing, t-shirts produced our way do not peel and crack after washing and drying in a dryer. The others also leave you limited on color choices… if you want additional colors, you will always pay extra! We are venturing in this technology with no additional charges for color because it prints the colors digitally. That means, not only will your product last, but will be more cost saving.

Many printing companies will tell you that the printing works best on white t-shirts. We found that with the proper preparation and treatment of the garments, and the proper routine maintenance on the DTG Apparel Printing Equipment there are no shirt color limitations.

These are professional t-shirts just like ones that you would buy in a store. In addition, we offer custom design work that allows you to put your vision on your very own shirts. When we are the business that is printing your t-shirts, there are no set-up fees or design fees.

Most standards t-shirts start at $14.50, and, for this price; you can have two sided t-shirts.

Why are we telling you these things? Knowledge is power! You have great options ahead.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you and God bless!

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